i-Angel is the creator of the original award-winning baby hipseat carrier.

Modelled after the heart-filled warm embrace of a mother for her child, i-Angel was borne from the desire to provide the best carrier for babies & parents across the world.  At i-Angel, we believe that a baby born into this world is humanity's beauty, hope, & love manifest; but also, that to hold & to cherish in our modern everyday often comes with challenges where we all could use a helping hand.  That's why, beyond the traditional baby carrier, i-Angel innovated the baby hipseat carrier that is not only more comfortable but ergonomically superior for both babies & parents.  The next-generation baby carrier has arrived!

"As an excited first-time parent with a newborn on the way, I can remember for days, I read through almost every word of parental advise and fact sheet on baby carriers I could find.  I was surprised how passionate so many parents are about babywearing.  If I learned anything I knew for certain: I would not buy a carrier that allows my baby's legs to dangle.  According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, dangling legs can put your baby at a high risk of developing hip dysplasia -- a risk I'd rather not take.

Here are a few of the benefits of babywearing that stuck out to me during my research over other baby transport methods like strollers and hand-carry car seats:
• It generally aids the baby in developing balance, motor skills and mobility in general.
• Babies who are worn are less likely to cry as much during the day and even at night.  (I know, sign me up, right?)
•Parents and their babies develop a stronger bond with a baby carrier that lasts all the way into adulthood.
• Babywearing make for happier and healthier babies.
• Babies are opened up to the world around them and can see so much more!  
• And a major baby carrier benefit for parents is having both hands free while your baby is safely attached to you.

Frankly, I can't live without it!  And i-angel's hipseat carrier is just the best out there in the market."
                                                             ~Marilyn, mother of a 10 month old girl


The i-Angel baby hipseat carrier is an excellent example of how a baby carrier should support the child's weight to prevent post-birth hip dysplasia.  The hipseat allows for a natural sitting position for the baby where the bum and thighs are comfortably supported to the knees so that the hip joint does not experience abnormal undue pressure.

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